Top 4 Benefits of Divorce Mediation in La Grange

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If you plan to file for divorce in La Grange, you may want to consider divorce mediation. Divorce Mediation in La Grange is steadily gaining popularity as a kinder, gentler method of resolving divorce-related conflicts like the division of assets and child custody matters. Instead of giving the final say to the court, mediation allows couples to work out their own problems with the assistance of a neutral mediator. Below are some of the reasons why many people choose divorce mediation instead of a drawn-out legal battle.

It’s Less Expensive

One of the biggest draws of Divorce Mediation in La Grange is that it’s far less costly than hiring multiple lawyers and paying hefty court fees. According to Chicago magazine, a contested divorce that ends up in court will cost around $20,000 in Illinois. A divorce mediator typically costs between $100 and $200 an hour. If you can resolve your issues in a reasonable amount of time, you can save thousands of dollars by choosing a mediator.

It’s Faster

If your divorce is contested, the entire process can take months–or even years. With divorce, the court process can be notoriously slow. With Divorce Mediation in La Grange, you won’t be at the mercy of the scheduling restrictions of lawyers and judges. According to many mediators, it’s not uncommon for couples to resolve their problems after only a few sessions.

It’s More Flexible

Divorce Mediation in La Grange is far more accommodating to busy schedules and personal preferences than the typical court process. You can schedule your appointments in the evening or on weekends so missing work isn’t an issue. If you find it harder to resolve your problems with your spouse in person, many mediators even offer their services via conference call or online through Skype.

It’s Less Jarring to Children

Most couples worry about how their contested divorce will affect the emotional well-being of their children. If custody disputes are involved, children will be interviewed, observed and may even have to make court appearances. Divorce mediation lets you avoid what can often be a traumatic experience for a child. The mediation process is far more gentle to confused, upset young ones.

Mediation is a smart alternative to the typical legal process that comes with a contested divorce. Working with a professional to resolve your conflicts will save you time, money and stress. For more information about what mediation entails, visit .

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