Tips for People Planning to Move

by | Sep 17, 2012 | Moving Services

If you plan on moving from Philadelphia soon, it is time to start planning now. Many people enter into the process of moving long distances without any idea of how much work it entails, especially when you have a family with kids. When you were younger and single and owned little, it may have meant packing a suitcase and leaving some stuff with mom and dad. Now that you are older, there is a lot more involved.

For instance, if you are thinking about using a moving company in Philadelphia, you will need to call them at least six weeks in advance. Don’t wait around or procrastinate. The best company may be booked full when it is time for you to move, so it is important to find the right movers and give them a heads up before it is too late.

Start packing stuff as soon as you know you are going to move, and making detailed plans for packing and moving later. Start with stuff you rarely or never use. These are the boxes you will also unpack last. Start searching for boxes from retail outlets and collected them.

Have a garage sell and get rid of stuff you no longer need or use. Take what’s left to a charity. It’s senseless to pay more to move something across the country than what it is worth. So whatever you have – an old ratty couch, your TV Guide collection, and clothes than no longer fit – get rid of it all.

Begin the process of letting local contacts know you are leaving, and connect with contact, such as schools, utility companies, pharmacies, the local glee club, or whatever, and give them plenty of warning that you are coming (or in other words, let them know).

Moving from Philadelphia to a place on the west coast may be formidable if you have never been there. You will need to begin to adjust to the idea of moving a little bit more slowly, of rounding out your vowels, of sunshine. Read up on the place where you are going, wherever your destination may lie, before you arrive.

Look at the municipal webpage, the FaceBook page, Angie’s List, Wikipedia articles, and whatever else you can find. Know the good places to eat and the best places to shop before you arrive. Wherever you are moving to from Philadelphia, be assured there is likely a strip mall in every town with chain retail stores that will comfort you and remind you of home.

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