Why More Individuals Hire A Furniture Storage Service In Fort Myers FL When Relocating A Household

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Moving Services

Coordinating a move for an entire family takes a great deal of work, and many people become overwhelmed with the process, especially when they must find temporary living arrangements as a result of construction delays. One of the biggest struggles is arranging for the storage of any furniture until it is needed in the future, and standard storage units often do more harm than good. A company that provides furniture storage service in Fort Myers FL will help a person keep their belongings safe and deliver them to their new home when requested.

Wrapping and Packing

It is devastating when a piece of furniture becomes damaged when moved, and while a few scratches may not seem like a significant issue, it dramatically affects the overall beauty of a piece of furniture and may even lower the value of antique pieces. A moving company is trained to move items carefully and will wrap them so that the propensity of damage is limited. Let a professional use their expertise to keep a family’s belongings as safe as possible.

Transportation of Items

Once the items are properly wrapped, it is time to move them to the storage location. Lifting and hauling items across town is a lot of work, and it is one of the last things that a household wants to do when they are planning a major relocation. Leave the heavy lifting to a professional, as they will have the labor and equipment to streamline moving even the most massive pieces of furniture.

Climate-Controlled Storage

The biggest nemesis to furniture is the occurrence of extreme temperature changes and the onset of moisture in the form of rain and humidity. In addition to harming the finish, it also poses threats to the structural integrity. A company that offers Furniture Storage Service in Fort Myers FL will store any furniture in a climate-controlled unit, which will stave off damage due to changing environmental conditions.

Arranging a move is a lot of work, but a moving service is standing by to help. The team at Rice’s Moving and Transport offers customized services and will help streamline the entire process. Browse our website to learn more and take the first step in removing the anxiety associated with a relocation across town or the country.

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