The Most Important Swimming Pool Chemicals in Overland Park

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

A pool is a great place for you and your family to enjoy three of the four seasons that occur each year. If you have a pool or are considering building one, the most important element to keep your pool low maintenance and always ready are Swimming Pool Chemicals in Overland Park. If you don’t use the right chemicals or an improper balance of them, it could lead to major problems with your water that leave your pool unsafe. Don’t let that happen to you. Make sure you have a complete inventory of the supplies you need, including the following three most commonly used pool chemicals. It will ensure your pool is always ready for you to make a big splash.

Water Softener

Whether you use city or well water to fill your pool, it is important to make sure the pH is at a safe enough level that you and your family can swim in it with ease. Water softener can do this and help keep your water pleasant to swim in. It will also reduce the wear and tear on your pool’s mechanical parts so you can have years of enjoyment without having to worry about mechanical failures.

Algae Inhibitor

One of the greatest threats to a pool is algae. The sun causes it to naturally grow and form in your pool, and this can mean more work for you if not dealt with in a preventative manner. Make sure you get a quality algae inhibitor so cleaning the sides and floor of your pool is as easy and quick as possible.

Time Released Chlorine

The chlorine level of your pool should be kept at a safe level that will not harm swimmers and will leave the water hygienic enough for you to swim in. A time release chlorine chemical can do this without an issue, and help keep chlorine at normal levels without any work from you. Consider getting a time release version to help make your pool simpler to maintain.

Whether you have a pool or are ready to get one, make sure you get an expert opinion. The talented and knowledgeable staff at Banks Pools and Spa Designs Overland Park can help you with design, build and maintenance. Contact them today so you can take the first step in getting the outdoor oasis you have always dreamed of.

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