The Importance of Hiring an Accident Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Insurance companies prefer to settle automobile accident claims directly with the victims. However, it can be difficult to know exactly what an accident claim is worth and many people who settle claims this way accept what the adjuster says is a fair amount. Many times, that amount is only a fraction of what a skilled accident lawyer in Beaver Dam WI can get for their client.


After an accident, the victim is typically most concerned with getting medical treatment and necessary repairs to their vehicle. The insurance company’s representative will likely come to the scene to take photographs to support the amount of their settlement offer. By hiring a lawyer soon after the accident, the victim can get their own documentation to show that they deserve more than the insurance company’s offer. Accident attorneys use their photos, witness statements, traffic pattern data and police reports to negotiate with claims adjusters for higher settlements for their clients. Studies have shown that victims who higher attorneys receive significantly higher settlements.

Victims can benefit most by hiring a lawyer that focuses on automobile accident cases. These attorneys are most likely to have experience with many different kinds of accidents and have relationships with insurance companies and local doctors. They know who to talk to at the insurance companies to get your claim settled quickly.

While an auto accident lawyer in Beaver Dam may sue insurance companies, most cases are settled before they have to go to court. Due to their vast experience, lawyers are able to accurately evaluate accident claims and convince insurance adjusters to give their clients what the claim is worth. Attorney communicate with their clients throughout the negotiations to keep them up to date on the progress and allow clients to decide whether or not to accept an offer.

When the attorney and the claims adjuster are not able to reach an agreement, the client must decide whether they want to go to court to settle the case. For more information about how personal injury lawyers win accident claims for their clients and to read about successful settlements, click here.