Tacori Engagement Rings in Cincinnati: Types of Diamond Shapes Available

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Any engagement ring you choose for your fiancée will need to be of the utmost quality and design. However, don’t focus all your attention on the ring itself. Instead, look at the different diamond shapes available in Cincinnati that will fit well with Tacori Engagement rings. There are seven diamond shapes available for Tacori rings that will look gorgeous and stunning, no matter which you choose.


The cushion shape is a rectangle or square that has rounded corners and resembles a pillow. This type of shape is considered more unique and rare, as the cut is extremely large on top and has a lot of large facets that have better light dispersion.


The emerald shape is that of vintage glamour and is favored by many celebrities. This cut was made famous by the emerald gemstone as all of these gems were cut to this shape. However, it works well with diamonds and because it has a broader flat plane, it will show the natural diamond clarity well.


This kind of cut is exquisite and is meant to emulate the smile of Kind Louis XV’s mistress. From the top, it looks like a little boat and can help give the appearance of longer fingers to those women with stubby fingers.


This kind of cut is considered to be in between the pear and round brilliant cuts, and is perfect for those who want the excellent sparkle of a brilliant diamond, with a slightly elongated shape that is of unique quality to most engagement rings.


The pear cut is also known as the teardrop cut and has a feminine shape. It is cut to look like the fruit and has a rounded end and a pointed end, which is always stunning and looks delicate and beautiful.


Those living in Cincinnati tend to prefer this cut because it is similar to the round brilliant in shine, but is cut into a perfect square with sharp edges. If you want a classic shiny diamond but prefer a more contemporary feel, this is the choice for you.


The round, or round brilliant is the perfect choice for a classic and clean look that has versatility and high shine. Many Tacori rings use this diamond cut and are chosen by many men who don’t know what their fiancée will prefer.


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