The Importance of Choosing a Vet Who Can Care for an Exotic Animal in Fort Wayne, Indiana

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

It is easy to find a good vet to treat your cat or dog, but it is probably wiser to look for a veterinary clinic that also cares for exotic animals. Facilities such as Dupont Veterinary Clinic at Coldwater offer a wide variety of services, including the experience to maintain the health of almost any Exotic Animal in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This means that they automatically offer advantages that include:

* WELLNESS: Vets who can care for an Exotic Animal in Fort Wayne, Indiana have experience evaluating a wide range of health conditions, and offer especially thorough wellness services. They are trained to assess and maintain the health of birds, reptiles, dogs, cats, and more. Even if you decide to add a turtle or rabbit to your family, these experts can evaluate the health of their skin or fur, heart, lungs, and even teeth. They schedule 20 minute visits, to provide time for thorough exams.

* SURGERIES: Veterinary centers that treat exotic animals, are equipped to handle the unique surgical needs required by a wide variety of species. Their facilities include state-of-the-art surgical suites, and vets are trained to provide anesthesia, procedures, and recovery care tailored to the type of animal they are treating. They offer tumor and bladder stone removal, gastrointestinal surgery, C-sections, and laceration repairs, among many other procedures.

* DIAGNOSTICS: Clinics that care for a variety of animals typically include high-tech diagnostic equpment that includes x-ray and labs. They an offer fast results from blood and parasite tests for parasites.. They are also equipped to test liver and kidney health, glucose, electrolytes, and more. On-site pharmacies allow them to provide needed medicines quickly. In addition, they offer a variety of retail products that are uniquely designed for a variety of pets.

* ADDITIONAL SERVICES: A full-service clinic provides nutritional counseling and cancer care for many types of animals. They offer reproductive services, ECG analysis, chronic ear disease treatment, and more.

A veterinary center that is equipped to care for exotic pets provides a range of essential services that ensure they can care for any pet you own. These professionals provide wellness, surgical, diagnostic, and other services tailored to each animal species they treat.

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