The importance of bioavailable curcumin in supplements

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

The recent global interest on the use of curcumin or turmeric in the treatment of a range of different health conditions has created a worldwide demand for curcumin supplements. There are many turmeric supplements sold in the market, but unfortunately its effectiveness is limited by its poor absorption into the bloodstream through the digestive tract as they are not ‘bioavailable’ to the body. Hence one should look out for the most bioavailable curcumin supplements. So though the benefits of curcumin are widely known, the oral consumption of turmeric may not be as effective in every case, since curcumin supplements are not always in a form that the body can absorb. It is also very rapidly eliminated by the body, resulting in limited impact at a cellular level. Standardized bioavailable curcumin supplements deliver a superior absorbing curcumin formulation that is many times more bio-available than conventional curcumin extracts or supplements. Bioavailable curcumin supplements have the potencies to maximize curcumin’s efficacy. So, bioavailability is a huge factor in the oral consumption of curcumin.

The problem with consuming plain curcumin

Curcumin the most active compound of turmeric is the powerful botanicals in the world today. It is slowly gaining popularity worldwide due to the number of researches being conducted on them. Though Asians and South East Asians use it very generously in their cooking and in their day to day life, its low absorption property stops it from being utilized to its maximum potential. The tiny amount of curcumin that can be absorbed by the body from turmeric spice is also rapidly used by the body in normal metabolism and cellular functioning.

The advantage of bioavailable curcumin

Science now allows researchers to identify the components that make curcumin highly absorbable. The bioavailable curcumin supplements are known to be highly effective when compared to plain curcumin capsules and they also stay in the blood far longer than plain curcumin which means they fight inflammation longer and more efficiently. These bioavailable curcumin supplements are completely natural and can be consumed every day. These bioavailable curcumin supplements are also available online. These supplements have several research and studies to show its effectiveness in various ailments that have a basis in serious inflammation such as arthritis, metabolic diseases, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

We offer a high quality bioavailable curcumin that is readily available for use in the human body.

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