The Difference With A CNC Machine Shop In MN

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

When it comes to parts, being specific, being accurate and being precise is critical. If part or project requires this attention to detail then you need to use a CNC machine shop in MN to manufacture your parts and devices.

What does a CNC Machine Shop in MN Provide?

CNC is a specific term that stands for Computer Numerical Control. In other words, it is a computer based program that is actually operating the machine tools that are creating the part. By using a CNC machine shop in MN you are guaranteed that each part that is produced is identical, accurate and correct without any deviations or changes.

The computer program, which uses a specific language known as G-code, controls virtually all aspects of the part that is being produced. This includes the velocity of the tools, the feed rate, the location of specific aspects of the part and even the positioning of the part in relation to the tools being controlled by the computer program.

Each Piece Design is Unique

The first step that the professionals at a CNC machine shop in MN will complete is to make a CAD drawing (Computer-Aided Design) that the CNC program can read and utilize. This drawing is essential and can be produced in either two dimensional or three dimensional formats depending on the specific part or piece required. This development and design process will also include determining what metal or plastic is best suited to your specific project requirements.

Once the CAD drawing is completed and loaded in the CNC machine program a test is completed to ensure that the part produced is perfect to specifications. Ideally the part will be correct with this first test, but there may need to be slight adjustments made to the program. Any changes are made at this time if necessary. Once that is complete the program is saved and can be stored within the system until needed again.

Using a CNC machine shop in MN allows you to work directly with the company to create just the part of the parts that you need. Companies that have a lot of experience are invaluable in assisting in the design and development of parts or recreating existing parts to the exact specifications required.

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