Choosing the Right Cut for an Engagement Ring

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

When looking at diamond engagement rings, the shape is an important selling point. The shape, sometimes referred to as the cut, affects the overall look of the ring and how much it sparkles. Each person has different tastes, so a beautifully set emerald cut ring may not appeal to someone who prefers a round cut. There is no perfect solution to choosing the right cut. It’s all determined by personal taste and opinion. Sometimes, a person is set on finding a square cut engagement ring, only to become infatuated with a heart cut diamond ring when he or she gets to the store. However, there are some things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect ring.

The Shape and Size of Your Hand

The shape and size of your hand and fingers can affect how a ring looks when you wear it. Women with short fingers want something that helps to elongate the hand, like an oval or marquise cut diamond. These cuts on a thin band will help to elongate the fingers. Women with long fingers can work most any diamond shape, but if you desire to shorten the look of your fingers, a thick band with a round or princess cut diamond will do the trick.

Choosing a Brilliant Cut

If you want a ring that shines, then you want to look at diamond engagement rings cut for the purpose of brilliance and sparkle. Your jeweler can help you find a ring that’s certified for brilliance by having a high grade for cut and clarity. The round and princess shaped diamonds are two of the most popular styles because they can be cut with the least amount of crystal loss, making them shine and sparkle when the light hits. However, any diamond can be cut to maximize shine, so make sure you work closely with your jeweler to find all of the rings that have the brilliance you want.

Unique Cuts

If you’re buying the ring for a surprise engagement, then you need to consider the personal tastes of your future fiancĂ©e. People who like classic looks will prefer the round, princess, square, or oval looks. People who want to showcase personal style will want something less popular so that it stands apart from the crowd. Heart shaped, pear shaped, or radiant shaped diamond engagement rings are different and can be set apart even further with a unique, modern ring setting. Many jewelers even offer the option to design your own ring to insure you get the exact ring you want for the big day. Just remember to choose something that represents your love and not pick something based solely on size or price.

If you want a ring that shines, then you want to look at diamond engagement rings cut for the purpose of brilliance and sparkle. For more info click here.

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