The Benefits Of A Belt Conveyor

by | Jun 26, 2015 | Industrial Goods and Services

Whenever you need to move items in bulk, a belt conveyor is a great option. These are the workhorses of the production line, shipping department, a loading dock and in the manufacturing system as well.

With a range of different styles and sizes, a belt conveyor can be configured or designed to meet any material moving requirements. Both covered and uncovered, these conveyors can easily move boxes, containers, or large or small aggregate materials, dry items or lump materials up, down or along a selected path.

It is also possible to use different types of models in a belt conveyor to facilitate material movement in a production line. With their versatility, these are going to be a go-to piece of equipment and one which will increase productivity and efficiency over the manual movement of materials or other types of systems.

Sectional Components

One of the most interesting factors in adding a belt conveyor to a manufacturing system is the option to have it move materials horizontally or vertically. It is possible to use a series of conveyors, or even combine conveyors and augers, to move materials both along a horizontal path as well as straight up into processing equipment or into storage containers.

When conveyors are used to moving equipment vertically or on an incline, the belt is specifically designed to hold the material in place. The design of the belt, or the grip, will be determined by the materials as well as the incline percentage.


Based on the size and motor of the belt conveyor, different designs and options will have more or less capacity. Knowing the size of the material or components which will be moved along the conveyor is critical in making the right selection.

With the continual feed operation, this equipment will provide a steady, measured amount of material based on the speed of the belt. They can also be designed for manual operation, allowing the technician to turn the conveyor system off and one as needed.

With the design of the belt conveyor, they require less energy to operate as they use a wider belt area that evenly distributes the weight of the items on the belt. This often means a smaller motor is required that with other types of lift systems, helping you to save money on operations.

There are many different benefits to choosing a belt conveyor over other types of conveyor systems. By considering the advantages and looking at the various designs out there, you will find a conveyor just right for your requirements.

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