Discussing Contested Proceedings With Divorce Attorneys In Mequon, WI

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Discussing Contested Proceedings With Divorce Attorneys In Mequon, WI

In Wisconsin, a contested divorce occurs when the couple cannot arrive at an agreement. The most common reasons for divorce disputes are the division of marital property and child custody. The first step for attempting to find a resolution is negotiations among the attorneys. When this tactic doesn’t work, mediation is required.

How Mediation Works

Mediation is a meeting in which both parties and their respective Divorce attorneys Mequon WI discuss the divorce terms. This meeting could take up to a few hours or stretch over the course of several days. The duration of time needed to complete this process depends on how many items are discussed. Typically, the couple addresses each item individually. This provides both parties with ample time to air their grievances and reach a solution. Successful mediation may require the couple to compromise in some areas of the divorce agreement. However, if these strategies aren’t successful, the next step is a divorce trial.

What to Expect in Divorce Trial

A divorce trial covers span up to two years. This depends on how extensive the marital estate is. Couples with a larger than the average marital estate could face a longer trial if the couple is fighting over fair division. Equally, if either party has submitted evidence of infidelity or abuse, the trial could take longer to complete. These issues could affect how the marital property is distributed. If the couple had a prenuptial agreement, the court must consider a violation of any term listed in the agreement.

Child Custody and Support

If a divorce trial is needed, child custody and support are determined at a separate hearing. The court evaluates both parties to determine who offers the most appropriate environment for the children. Child support is calculated according to the non-custodial parent’s income and the total number of children. To know more, visit the site.

Divorce laws in Wisconsin require both parties to find a resolution when a divorce is contested. These attempts begin with discussions among the attorneys. Couples who don’t wish to speak to each other could avoid heated arguments via this option. Next, mediation is used when they cannot reach an agreement. Petitioners who believe that a divorce trial is needed to settle their case should contact Divorce attorneys Mequon WI by visiting Frakerfamilylaw.com now.