The Basics of Residential Driveway Paving in Toledo, OH

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Paving

If you’re looking to have your driveway repaved or if you are paving a driveway for the first time, you will need residential driveway paving services. Paving a driveway happens in a few steps depending on the current state of your space. If there’s already a driveway there, it can be much easier to repair or replace the existing driveway. If it’s just a bare patch of ground, more needs to be done.

Preparing the Ground

The first step in residential driveway paving in Toledo, OH is to prepare the ground for paving. That will mean tilling the soil to remove grass and weeds. The ground will then be compacted and graded. Grading the ground means making it as level as possible. The more compacted the ground is, the less likely the driveway is to shift and crack.

Once the ground has been graded and compacted, the foundation is laid. The foundation for Toledo residential driveway paving is typically gravel. Different sizes of gravel help create a firm foundation for the asphalt.

Pouring the Asphalt

The asphalt will then be poured. Experts can only perform residential driveway paving in certain conditions. It will not be effective if it is raining at the time of application; the water will mix with the liquid asphalt and create instabilities. Furthermore, it needs to be a certain temperature. If it is too cold, the asphalt will dry too quickly and won’t effectively cure. That leads to brittle asphalt that easily cracks. If the weather is too hot, the asphalt will take too long to dry and cure; in some cases, it just won’t cure completely. That leads to inefficient driveways as well. View website for residential driveway paving in Toledo, OH

When weather permits, the experts will lay the asphalt and allow it to dry. They’ll then sealcoat it to protect it for a few years.

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