The Amazing Versatility Of Double Ended Lanyards

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you are looking for a way to promote your company, business or organization long after an event is over then double ended lanyards should certainly be a top consideration. These lanyards are durable, strong and, with their double clips, provide the perfect must have item for a wide range of uses even after the big event.

Like all lanyards these styles come in a variety of lengths so you can have a few different sizes on hand or simply choose one that will work for all your attendees.

At the Event

Lanyards to hold name badges, credentials, passes and identification are a popular option for conferences, trade fair, exhibits, concerts, school events and just about any other imaginable reason why people may gather. However, the traditional style of lanyard that loops around the neck and comes together in a single clip has its limitations.

Larger badge holders or credential pouches are difficult to balance on those single clips and often become damaged and fall off. A better option is to use a double clip or double ended lanyard that keeps both ends separate and allows each to attach to the plastic envelope. This provides two attachments, one at either edge, to keep it comfortable and balanced even with larger items.

After the Event

A traditional style of lanyard, including the tube, nylon or woven options can all be imprinted with a logo, company name or contact information as well as include your company or organization colors. This is marketing and advertising that will continue to keep your name in the mind of those that attended the event.

However, to be effective as a form of advertising they have be used on a regular basis. The double ended lanyards are so practical for a range of different uses they are sure to be something that is used again and again. Since they attach in two areas they are perfect for balancing heavier items like cameras and binoculars or even cell phone pouches. Every time they are used they bring your company to mind, a great advertising and promotion feature that will continue on for years.


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