Hire An Experienced Social Security Attorney In Midwest City, OK

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

7946993_lPeople who are seriously ill need to apply for social security disability benefits. The main criteria is having a disability that prevents one from doing any type of gainful activity for a year, or will result in death. Gainful activity is defined as being able to earn $1,070 a month or more. Applicants may apply to one of two programs, SSDI or SSI. SSDI is for people who worked a certain number of years, while SSI is for those with low income and little assets.

Applicants for SSDI must also have enough work credits. How many credits needed is based on a formula of age and the date of disability. If approved, disability benefits will be based on the individual’s personal earnings record. Average payments range from $800 to $1400 per month. SSI is a joint program of the state and the Social Security Administration (SSA.) SSI recipients have to meet four requirements:

1. must be blind, disabled or age 65 or over
2. must be a US citizen or meet narrow requirements based on US permanent residency, military service, political asylee or refugee status
3. monthly income must be low
4. the property you own (minus car and home) must be less than $2,000 or $3,000 for a couple

Approved applicants receive SSI benefits of $721 per month or $1,082.00 per couple. People who are denied for either program may hire a Social Security Attorney in Midwest City OK to file an appeal. Attorneys Gary W. Jones and Eric G. Melders have years of experience representing social security applicants. Visit their website and click to find out more. The first appeal is called a Request For Reconsideration. Basically, SSA workers, who did not review your initial application, give a second opinion. Applicants who are denied again may ask for a hearing. The attorney knows the key to winning a hearing is to prove disability. Unfortunately, the SSA evaluates disability using its own experts who may testify at a hearing. However, the applicant has a chance to explain their condition and may call witnesses. Hire the Social Security Attorney in Midwest City OK to handle your claim. You will be in good hands.

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