The advantages of refacing your cabinet doors

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

When considering a kitchen remodel there are a number of reasons why buying refacing supplies and refacing the cabinets and the cabinet doors is advantageous. The other option, of course, is to tear the cabinets out and replace them with brand new ones. The biggest benefit is coat, because this solution is far less expensive. It is also something that can be done much quicker and with less mess and fuss.

When the cabinets and doors are going to be refaced, the existing cabinets do not have to be perfect on the outside but they still must be structurally sound. If the cabinets in the kitchen currently are falling apart all the refacing supplies in the world probably won’t help. Assuming they are in good sound condition, refacing the frames and sides and adding new cabinet doors will save a great deal of money. The task is not difficult. There will be no reason to hire a professional carpenter. The job can be done with no experience or special skills. In most cases, the cost to reface the cabinets and doors is less than 25% of replacements, including installation.

Having a complete kitchen renovation can cause temporary problems. The kitchen is an extremely important room in the home and when it is unusable, even for three or four days, the situation becomes very difficult. Refacing takes very little time. The whole job can be done on a weekend. The doors are very easy. It is just a matter of removing them from the cabinets and taking the hardware off. Once they are removed, there are refacing supplies available such as self-adhesive veneers that make the job simple.

It will not be necessary to pull the cabinets out to work on them. They can be prepared in place. Self-adhesive veneer can be used for the cabinets if you want matching components.  Order your new cabinet doors and veneer at the same time for a perfect match from the factory.

There is no doubt that doing the job yourself will save considerable money, and when the project is completed, the self-satisfaction comes for free.

Cabinet and cabinet door refacing supplies such as pre-cut plywood end panels and false front mounting clips are all available online when you shop at Cabinet Doors Depot.



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