Ceiling Fan Install Dayton OH: Installation Tips

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Being able to enjoy the cool breeze of a functional and decorative ceiling fan can be a great way for anyone to save some money on their electricity bill. Believe it or not they can also be extremely useful in the winter as well. This is because they can be used as a way to gently push the heated air in your home away from the ceiling where it prefers to collect.

What Size Ceiling Fan?

When it comes to a ceiling fan install Dayton OH the first step is figuring out what size you need. If you contact a company such as montgomerycounty.mrelectric.com they would be more than happy to help you with the measurements to make sure you purchase the right size. If a room is less than 12 feet long or wide you need a fan with a 36 inch diameter. If a room is between 12 and 15 feet long and wide you need a fan with a 42 inch diameter. If the room is between 15 and 18 feet long and wide you need a fan with a 52 inch diameter.

Preparing For The Install

When you are preparing for the ceiling fan install Dayton OH it is important to make sure that whoever is installing the fan reads all of the instructions and safety protocols attached to the fan. Fortunately, installing a ceiling fan is not that difficult as long as you are good at following the instructions that come attached with it. If any wiring needs to be done in order to install the fan, you need to contact a professional. You should not do the wiring on your own.

Anytime you are working with something electric in your home it is important to turn off the power before you start. You also need to test the wires to make sure the power has actually been turned off. You should also lock your breaker box so no one can accident turn your power back on while until you are done working. You should wear a dust mask and eye safety glasses while you are working. It a circuit appears to be overloaded, just call a professional.


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