Taking Advantage of All the Services Offered by Tire Dealers

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While most people know that tire dealers sell tires, they may not be aware of the other services offered by these types of establishments. In fact, the dealer is likely to offer a range of services that a consumer will find extremely helpful. Here are a few examples of what else the dealer can provide.

Matching Tires for Older Vehicles

As time goes on, some sizes of tires are discontinued. For someone who has an older vehicle that is still in good shape, this can pose a problem. The nice thing is that a dealer can cross-reference the original brand and size of tire with something that is still in production. This means that the owner does not have to spend looking for used tires that are still in good shape.

Balancing and Rotation

At the time the new set of tires is installed, most tire dealers will balance them as part of the installation process. This is important, since the balancing helps to ensure that the tread wears more evenly. As a result, the useful life of those tires is extended and the owner gets more returns from the original purchase. Even after the sale is complete, the customer can return and have the tires rotated. This is a process that involves moving each of the tires to a different location. Rotation is another strategy that helps to allow the tread to wear evenly and extends the life of those tires.

Custom Designed Rims

There are dealers who can help customers who are in need of custom rims for their vehicles. Whether the car in question is a newer model or a classic, the dealers know how to help locate rims that are ideal for the vehicle. They can also aid with special ordering rims that are either modifications of basic designs, or something that is entirely unique. For any vehicle owner who wants to get the most from his or her car, it pays to work with professionals like Grand Premier. Doing so will help to ensure the tires are always in good shape and that they provide optimum performance even during weather that leaves the roads a little slick.


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