Where Style Meets Quality: Blaque Diamond Wheels

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While most people that are driving around in a vehicle don’t stop to think about how their rims are impacting the look of their car, those that really love vehicles spend a lot of time getting each part just right. If you are one of those discerning car owners, you really need to consider the styles and design options offered with Blaque Diamond wheels.

These wheels have been around long enough to make an impression on the custom car market. They are innovative in their design, but they also have that slightly retro style that makes them unique but also very classic in the way they look on any vehicle. The spoke style on all designs tends to be more open, making them a terrific option even for the undersized wheel look that is so popular on the sporty vehicle styles.

Most of the Blaque Diamond wheels come in the 20 and 22-inch sizes, although the company does make 19 to 24 in several of their design styles. The wheels tend to have a pronounced lip, which really stands out with the silver rims which have an amazingly reflective and brilliant finish.

Finish Options

In addition to the silver finish, Blaque Diamond wheels come in the highly desirable graphite or graphite machined finish. The graphite wheels are a matte color that is truly reminiscent of graphite, and this finish looks very classic on the dark colors of luxury sedans and town cars.

Machined graphite offers the combination of the more matte color of the graphite with a machined surface that is more reflective. This adds that flash to Blaque Diamond wheels that makes them a great match for the classic sports cars and upscale vehicles as well.

The company rounds out their options with matte black rims that are both classic as well as designed to make any vehicle look fully customized. These black rims are a great match even with white, silver or light colored vehicles, adding a touch of drama to the wheels is a subtle and understated way.

As with any aftermarket rims, the addition of Blaque Diamond wheels to your vehicle will be a definite upgrade that you will notice. Different wheel designs from single to double types of spokes are open and light looking, giving the look of speed, performance and handling.

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