Take your Child to an Experienced Pediatric Dentist in Phoenixville

by | Mar 27, 2014 | Dental

Children’s teeth can be damaged even before birth. Primary teeth begin to form during the first trimester of pregnancy and the secondary teeth during the second trimester. If the mother is having health problems, it will have an effect. Tetracycline and some other medications can adversely influence the color and formation of the teeth. After the child has been born, these still-forming teeth are subject to further problems.

Some children experience ‘baby bottle decay.’ Many babies fall asleep with a bottle. If there is anything other than water in the bottle, this early form of tooth decay can damage tooth enamel. Sugars in the formula or juice remain in the sleeping baby’s mouth; these sugars are not washed away as they would be if the baby were awake and active. Baby teeth hold the spaces where permanent teeth will grow. If they are damaged or missing, permanent teeth will not be positioned properly, possible leading to crooked permanent teeth. A decayed baby tooth could also result in tooth pain and even an abscess.

There have been differing opinions on whether a pacifier can cause future dental problems. Babies have a need to suck and if the choice is between a pacifier and sucking on their fingers, the pacifier is the safer option. Finger sucking can have serious consequences on jaw development, especially since the habit can continue long past the time when a child would have stopped using a pacifier. Most pediatric dentists recommend that the child be brought for his/her first visit to the dentist when the child is one year old unless there are problems. The dentist will encourage the child to sit on the parent’s lap during this visit, and do everything possible to make the child feel safe and comfortable.

Pediatric Dentistry of Phoenixville specializes in pediatric dentistry. Everything about the office and equipment has been designed to enhance the comfort of children. The Pediatric Dentist in Phoenixville has specialized training and ten years of experience in dentistry for children. Dr. Allison loves taking care of the dental needs of children and treats each on as if he or she was a member of her family.

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