Procedures Often Done by Auto Body Shops in Scottsdale to Restore Cars After Collisions

by | Mar 27, 2014 | Auto Repair Shop

When your car has been in a collision, auto body shops in Scottsdale have to restore two aspects of the vehicle: its functionality and its appearance. Functional aspects that are often affected by accidents include the lights, door windows, and the ability of the doors to open. If you’re hit on the front end with enough force, the radiator, battery, or engine may also need to be fixed. The car’s frame is another part that often needs to be worked on to restore proper safety as well as to restore the doors’ ability to open and close properly.

When it comes to the appearance of the car, the most obvious thing that will need to be done is the repair of dents and more severe crumpling of the body. Minor dents can often be removed in a way that doesn’t require repainting, but if there are severe ones or scratches, then painting will be part of the job. Depending on the severity of the damage, it may be better to just replace the affected panels instead of trying to put them back into shape. The new panels will then be painted to match the car’s original color. Such matching isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Since auto paint changes color with age, the new paint on the restored areas will have to be “feathered in” with the old paint on the rest of the car. This process creates an area where the two colors are blended so that they eye doesn’t spot a distinct color break.

Which order the car parts will be repaired in will depend on the damage. If the frame is bent, it will likely be fixed first so that everything else will fit properly. Then, needed radiator or engine work can take place. While different auto body shops in Scottsdale may have unique procedures, it is likely that cosmetic work will come last so that the other work can be done without having to worry about fouling up a new paint job.

Of course, every collision is different and every vehicle requires different specific procedures to restore it to its original beauty and functionality. Click for more information on what can be done for your own car.

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