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May, 2014 by Alma Abell

You know it is time to look into replacing your gutters when you see loose guttering sections or gutters that flop, or bend. But there are other signs to look for as well when you are considering the replacement and repair of your gutters. Below is a list of problems and indicators that will help you assess if it is time to make the move to replace the gutters.

What is the Importance of Well-Working Gutters?
The benefits of having well-functioning gutters is that when there are rains the gutters direct the water away from the house, and in doing so keep the soil around the house stabilized. Otherwise serious foundation issues can occur. With properly working gutters, flooding beneath the home and in the basement can be prevented. As well, erosion, water damage to siding, cracking of the sidewalks and patios is prevented.

What Do I Look For to Determine if My Gutters are Ready for Replacement?
Some signs that it is time for a new gutter installation include loose guttering sections, gutters that have begun to look rustier, or numerous holes or cracks in the gutters. If the gutter connections are showing gaps in between connectors, or if there are mold or water stains on your home’s fascia, if there are nails on the ground that have come loose from your gutters or if you see broken gutter fasters, then you know it’s time for new gutters.

How Important is it to Have a Proper Gutter Installation?
Quite often houses with gutters are not supplied with a system that is installed correctly. Seamless gutters are important to have on every sloped roof edge. Standing water should never be held by the gutters. The gutters need to be securely fastened to the fascia with downspouts secured to the outside of the house.  Also it is important that the downspouts not end too close to the foundation because that results in the water pouring down too close to the base. Correct guttering is important in effectively channeling rainwater away from the home. Proper gutter design and installation involves calculating the water runoff during rainstorms and evaluating the extent of leaves in the area to properly size the gutters.

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