The Top Reasons Why You May Have A Leaky Roof In Virginia Beach

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Roof leaks can happen for a variety of reasons including a worn out roof, missing shingles or water saturation. Before you can fix your roof, you’ll need to find the source of the leak. If your roof is leaking because of a few missing shingles, this is a quick and easy fix that isn’t too expensive. If your roof is old and it can’t effectively protect your house any longer, you’ll need an entire roof replacement. To learn the reason of your roof malfunction, you should contact a company that can fix your Leaky Roof in Virginia Beach.

Missing Shingles

Shingles can become loose and blow off your roof during a storm with high winds. If you’re only seeing a leak in a generalized location in your home, then this is most likely why you have a Leaky Roof in Virginia Beach. While the roofing crew is replacing the missing shingles on your roof, they will inspect your entire roof for any loose shingles and nail them back down.

Old Roof

The roof on your house will only last so long and when it can no longer protect your house, it will begin to leak. In addition to age, the elements play an important role in wearing out your roof. Hail can damage shingles and knock off the granules. When the granules have fallen off of the shingles, then it’s not long before you’ll need to call a professional to fix your Leaky Roof in Virginia Beach.

Water Saturation

A roof can become overly saturated with water due to improper gutter installation or clogs in the gutters. If the gutters on the top of the roof are draining down on the lower part of the roof, the lower area can quickly fill with water and it can’t drain off the roof fast enough. Gutters clogged with leaves, dirt and twigs can also keep the water from draining properly and since the water can’t drain off your roof, it eventually seeps inside. Call an experienced company to inspect and repair your Leaky Roof in Virginia Beach before the water from your roof ruins the inside of your home.

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