Signs Your Heaters in Wichita Need Servicing

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

The warmth of your heater is extremely important in the cold winter months. Your heat keeps your family healthy and comfortable. Many people end up taking their heat for granted and do not think much of it, until a breakdown occurs. It is then, you quickly learn how important these systems are to your family. It is important you understand the signs to look for when your Heaters in Wichita need repair. This can help you to avoid having your heater breakdown entirely, causing you the great expense of a complete replacement.

What Signs Should You Look for When Your Heaters in Wichita Need Repair?

Unusual noises – If you notice unusual noises coming from your heater, you need to call a repair technician right away. This can be a sign of loose parts in your system and could be warning you of an impending breakdown. Any noises outside the normal noises you experience with your system should never be ignored. If you are hearing banging or clanging upon start up or shutdown, you need to make sure you turn off your heating system and contact a repair technician right away. Running your system in this state could cause permanent damage.

A lack of warmth – While some fluctuations in temperature are normal in a home, there should be no wide ranges of problems. When your heating system is beginning to fail, you may notice some of the rooms farthest from your unit are not heating as well. If you have ruled out insulation problems or leaks, it could be your heater beginning to fail. A service call for your heater is the best solution for these issues, so the problem can be corrected.

No hot air – When your system completely begins to fail, you will notice that it no longer heats your home at all. You will most likely feel cool air coming out of the vents. This could mean your heater coils are going bad or your system is failing. Either way, a repair needs to be carried out on your unit.

If you are dealing with any of these issues and need a heater repair, contact Welch’s Heating and Air Conditioning. They will be glad to take a look at your system and get it running again for you quickly.

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