Problems that Need an Inspection By a Roofer in Pocatello

by | Dec 23, 2013 | Roofing

928101_mThe roof is your home’s most prized asset in Pocatello. It is one of the most important items to keep completely intact. Even small leaks in the roof can lead to big problems later on. The cost to repair such damage can really add up. Plus, mold likes to grow in areas that have water intrusion problems. This can give your family health issues. So, getting the roof inspected on a regular basis is important. Here are some times when you need to get your roof inspected by Briggs Roofing.

Older roofs need to be checked on a regular basis by a Roofer in Pocatello. Roofs get old and the material wears out. Eventually, leaks can develop and cause further problems. Sometimes, weak spots can get develop. It is important to catch these things early while the damage isn’t that bad. Most shingled roofs only last about ten years at the most. So, a roof at the end of its life is going to have more problems than a brand new roof.

Storms that roll through the area can also cause damage to the roof. A Roofer in Pocatello should inspect the roof if there is any damage suspected from the wind and rain. Not all of the damage will be visible just by looking up. The roof needs to be inspected in areas that can’t be seen as well especially if there is a high potential for leaks or a section that has been repaired before the storm hit.

Trees are also a huge hazards to roofs. If you had a tree branch fall on the roof, you really should call a Roofer in Pocatello to make sure the tree didn’t do any damage to the area. Trees can exert a lot of force when they fall. While you might not see any damage from the ground, it could be a different story on the roof.

The roof is supposed to protect your home. But it can’t do its job if one of these situations has compromised the integrity. Thus, you should get your roof checked out by a Roofer in Pocatello if you suspect one of these problems are occurring.

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