Sex Crime Laws Identified By Criminal Lawyers In Montgomery County

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Sex crimes in Montgomery County include the standard charges such as rape or any form of penetration without consent. The penalties imposed are based on the severity and nature of the crime. For instance, heinous sex crimes that involve children or any individual under the age of consent incur more extensive punishments. Anyone accused of a sex crime should contact Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County to schedule a consultation.

Sex Crime Laws

In recent years, the law has been revised to redefine sex crimes. Any individual who is accused of penetration, exposure, or possession of pornography is subject to strict penalties based on these new laws. As it stands, today, individuals who commit what was once considered minor infractions such as indecent exposure are required to register as a sex offender upon conviction. Individuals who are facing these infractions should contact Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County immediately.

Registration and Requirements

After conviction and completion of sentencing, all individuals convicted of sexually-based crimes are required by law to register as a sex offender with their local court. Furthermore, they are required to notify all residents of any neighborhood in which they choose to live of this fact. They should submit these notifications within a couple of months of entering the area.

The judge who sentenced the individual imposes restrictions that limit the areas in which they may live. For instance, anyone who is convicted of a sexually-based crime involving children is not allowed to live nearby schools, public parks, or playgrounds in which children are present frequently. Any violations of these stipulations are a violation of their parole and results in immediate arrest and revocation. The individual will need Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County to defend them at a new parole hearing after these occurrences.

Expunction of Criminal History

Anyone convicted of a sexually-based crime who is later found not-guilty through an appeal, was under the legal age of an adult, or received a governor’s pardon may have the charge removed from their record. This action requires Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County to file a motion with the county court. In most cases, sexually-based crimes are not eligible for expunction; however, a judge may grant this motion based on the circumstances of the conviction.