Services to Expect from a Locksmith in Wrigleyville

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Virtually everyone knows, or should know, that a locksmith makes keys and can help you get into your home, car, or office when you misplace your keys or if they get stolen. However, there is more to using a Locksmith in Wrigleyville than just getting into your home, office, or vehicle. They use technology for transponder keys, they can create master keys, they install high security locks and deadbolts, and a number of other services related to locks, safes, and security. Here are a few things you can expect from a locksmith.

Residential Services
If you get locked out of your house, you can call a locksmith to get you inside. That is the most common reason people call a locksmith in residential areas. Other reasons you can use a locksmith in residential applications include having new locks installed, have keys made, high-security deadbolt installation, mailbox locks, and re-keying your home locks. If you have a safe you cannot get into or file cabinets or drawers with locks, you can call a locksmith to help you.

Commercial Services
Commercial locksmiths can serve you in much the same capacity as in residential arenas with a few extra services specifically dedicated for businesses. Panic bars on exit doors, electric door releases, exit alarms, file cabinet locks, restricted keys, and high-security locks and access systems are all within the scope of what a locksmith can do in the commercial venue. If your business safe is compromised or you lose the combination, a locksmith can remedy these issues as well.

Automobile Services
The two most common ways drivers use locksmith services are for getting into their locked car and for making spare keys. You could leave your keys in your car or lose them somewhere and not be able to get into your car or start it. Other things locksmiths can do include make secure transponder keys, reprogram your key fob, and provide other services for all kinds of motor vehicles including motorcycles.

A quality locksmith will not only provide these services in residential, commercial, and automobile applications, but offer 24-hour services for people who get caught in emergency situations day or night. Amazing Lock Service, Inc. is a premier Locksmith in Wrigleyville providing services in the Chicago and surrounding areas at low prices. They offer friendly, affordable services for all your locksmith needs.

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