What is a dumpster?

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A dumpster is a large metal bin that is loaded with waste which is then tipped into a garbage collection vehicle and from there taken to a landfill, dump site or recycling facility. In large cities dumpsters are ubiquitous; they appear behind every restaurant, shopping center; office buildings and apartments buildings. Without dumpsters, collecting the huge amount of solid waste generated daily in a large city would be extremely difficult and very costly. Dumpster rentals in Denver CO are the principal source for these containers; they are owned by, delivered by and picked up by companies that offer these services.

Although dumpsters originated in the US back in the 1930s, today they are used all over the world. They may be different sizes and shapes but they all do the same thing, make waste collection more efficient than using many different sized containers and hand loading them into collection trucks.

There are a number of different containers, all of which are simply called ‘dumpsters”. You will see a dumpster associated with an apartment building, the tenants bring their garbage cans from their apartments and empty them in the master dumpster. This garbage is either sent down a central garbage chute from each floor of the building or the tenants bring their cans to the dumpster. The dumpster is them picked up on a fixed schedule by a garbage truck, the small capacity units are emptied directly into the truck, others which are much larger are pulled up onto the back of a specially designed trailer and then taken directly to the dump for emptying. The company that is responsible for the dumpster rentals in Denver CO replaces this with an empty unit.

Although most dumpsters are placed under contract, there are cases when a homeowner may need dumpster rentals in Denver CO. In the event the house is been prepared for renovation, a great deal of unneeded building material will have to be taken away and disposed of. In many cases the city may be planning a large event or festival, in these cases they may rent dumpsters to be placed in strategic positions to ensure that the organizers have plenty of opportunity to dispose of the waste generated.

Many dumpsters are used for one reason only, for example, paper which is collected for recycling is picked up and delivered by a dumpster that is only used for paper, not glass, wood, metal or any other recyclable. For more information, visit Alpine Waste & Recycling.

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