Services Provided by a Family Care Center in Louisville, KY

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Many senior citizens enjoy living on their own. They are happy to have the freedom to do what they want and stay in their own home where they are comfortable. Although many may enjoy this, they need to be realistic. It is often not feasible to live on their own without any help. This is why many choose to utilize the services of a care center. There are many valuable services provided by a Family Care Center in Louisville, KY.

Once people get older, it may be harder for them to get around on their own. Driving may become a much more difficult task. This is why a care center offers transportation services. They will drive their patients to their appointments, any meetings they may have, classes, and even to church. That way they can still get to the places they need without risking doing it themselves.

Grocery Shopping/ Meal Preparation
Spending time walking around a grocery store may become difficult for many seniors. They will often become tired too easily. Another difficult task is meal preparation. Standing in front of the stove to cook will be near impossible for those who are becoming weak. They will not be able to stand for a long period of time. Hiring an in-home care giver will ensure their groceries are bought and their meals are prepared so they can continue to eat healthy.

Seniors may find it exhausting to keep up with housework. Bending down to pick up a piece of clothing may have once been a simple task, but it can be extremely tiresome for those who are elderly. A care center nurse will help with light housekeeping, ensuring the homes of their patients are kept clean and tidy.

Hygiene Assistance
If bending over to pick up clothes is tough, leaning down to wash may be strenuous as well. This is why care centers provide hygiene assistance. They will provide baths and help put on clothes for those who need it.

A Family Care Center in Louisville, KY provides many services to their patients. With their help, senior citizens can continue to live in their homes comfortably. Anyone currently considering hriing an in-home nurse can visit

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