How Do the Dentists in Neenah, WI Examine Your For Cavities?

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Cavities can occur at any time in your life and are often as a result of poor oral hygiene habits. Most dentists recommend their patients brush after each meal, but the vast majority of people do not do this. It is also important for you to floss at least twice a day. By taking good care of your teeth and gums at home, you can help to avoid cavities and gum disease. It is also important to see your dentist regularly. The latest studies have shown most people can benefit from seeing their dentist every six months, while some patients should plan on being seen every three to four months. This allows the Dentist in Neenah, WI to be able to find cavities when they are in their beginning stages, long before they begin to compromise the health and structural integrity of your teeth.

What Steps Does the Dentist Take to Find Cavities in Your Teeth?

* X-rays are one of the most accurate ways of diagnosing a cavity in your tooth. The Dentists in Neenah, WI will take X-rays and study them for signs of cavities. Cavities will typically show up on X-rays as darker areas. By comparing your previous sets of X-rays, the dentist will be able to find the smallest of cavities so they can be cared for and removed before damage begins in your tooth. X-rays can show the tiniest specks of decay, long before you feel symptoms or your dentist is able to see the cavity with his or her naked eye.

* Softness tests are another way your dentist will test for cavities. Using a special tool, the dentist will try to invade your tooth structure. If the tooth is soft in any areas, this could mean decay is occurring. The dentist will use this special tool on each of your teeth and will further examine any teeth that are showing signs of structural weakening. This coupled with the X-rays and examination will allow the dentist to make sure you do not have any cavities and if you do, will allow them to be treated early.

If you believe you may have a cavity or you simply are interested in dental care,

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