Selecting A Wooden Casket From A Funeral Home in Suffolk County, NY

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When it comes to a funeral, the casket will likely be the most expensive item you buy. When someone loses a close friend or family member, they generally want to deal with a quality funeral home to bury them in the best casket they can afford. There are a number of different caskets to choose from, but you’ll generally have your choice between metal and wooden caskets. Let’s take a look at the wooden casket options that may be offered by a Funeral Home in Suffolk County, NY.

There has recently been a slight surge in people wanting to cremate their loved ones. This has actually cause cremation prices to increase slightly. While the cost of cremation has risen slightly, many wooden caskets have become much cheaper. In addition to the price drop, people have been drawn to wooden caskets because they’re also environmentally friendly.

If you’re looking for wooden caskets you should consider the clothed covered variety. These caskets are basically plywood covered with fabric. Because of the material it’s made out of, it’s considered to be the most inexpensive of all of the wooden caskets. However, a Funeral Home in Suffolk County may offer the option to personalize the casket with engravings or special finishes. In the case of clothed covered caskets, you can choose various colors for the cloth.

Those looking for something a little more expensive, may opt for caskets that are wood laminated. These are caskets that take the wooden design a step further. Instead of a cloth to cover the plywood, the plywood is covered with hardwood. The surface of the hardwood can then be polished and engraved.

The most expensive caskets for sale would be the solid wood variety. You can find these caskets in a variety of wood types. The makers use woods like pine or mahogany to craft each of these solid caskets. The caskets are polished, sanded, stained, and engraved with different designs. The variety of detail is the reason why these particular caskets are more expensive.

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