What you Need to Know About the Best Antique Finish in NYC, NY

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

An antique finish is one that is designed to appear rustic. This kind of finish is very artistic, and the term ‘distressed’ is often used in association with it. Distressing is a process that is carried out on wood, with the aim of giving it a unique, antique look. The Best Antique Finish in NYC NY can be applied on any scale. This ranges from a single item in the home to the walls of an entire room. Regardless of the degree to which it is applied, an antique finish goes a long way in renewing the decor and aesthetic appeal of a room.

One of the main advantages of the antique finish is that there is a wide variety of patterns and textures to choose from. In as much as these patterns are all broadly categorized under antique finishes, they also leave a lot of room for individuality. This provides you with the opportunity to incorporate your own tastes and preferences, as well as integrating the overall look and feel of the space whose walls you seek to finish. This versatility is also what makes it possible to incorporate an antique finish into any space. For instance, the Antico Antique Finish provides the illusion of depth and enhanced dimension, which could probably make it ideal for the den. On the other hand, the Notti Veneziane Antique Velvet Finish has more of a romantic feel to it. This would be more suited for the bedroom, in addition to being suitable for restaurants whose target clientele is couples.

One of the main merits of the Best Antique Finish in NYC NY is that it gives the space a facelift and makes it seem revamped. However, this cannot be effective if the process is done incorrectly. The first guideline to apply when distressing a wall is that the surface must be effectively cleaned before anything is applied to it. Failure to do this results in the finish appearing sloppy, and not fully bringing out the desired textures and dimensions.

Decorfin USA is comprised of a team of experts who are dedicated to providing you with the wall finish that is most suitable for your needs and best suited to your space.


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