Seek Mood Disorder Treatment For Mood Disorders

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While it may seem like a glamourous job to be a famous actor, musician, or comedian, they are just humans and suffer from the same problems everyone does. Sometimes the pressure can seem overwhelming. However, both famous and regular people can suffer from these types of mood disorders.


Many people lose interest in things they used to love when they have depression, which can also affect their professional and personal lives. If you feel sad, hopeless, and have lost interest in activities, and these feelings have lingered for two weeks or more, then you may have depression. Fortunately, mental health professionals can prescribe antidepressants and recommend therapy as a mood disorder treatment.

Bipolar Disorder

Some people go through highs and lows that seem to switch on and off randomly. They may be euphoric or manic one day and then the next, they are depressed and can barely function. People with bipolar disorder often need to stay on prescription medications to control their highs and lows to allow them to function and have a normal life.

Substance-induced Mood Disorder

Finding the best mood disorder treatment for substance-induced depression can be tricky since this type of mood disorder is sometimes triggered by treatments. It can also be caused by medications, drug abuse, alcoholism, or exposure to toxins. Since many celebrities have easy access to drugs and lots of alcohol, this type of disorder is common within their industry.

No matter your profession, you need to seek help for mood disorders like depression. Without help, some people become suicidal. If you want help with a mood disorder, contact Dr. Rebecca Roy, Ph.D., The Industry Therapist, to schedule a consultation. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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