A Sediment Water Filter in Huber Heights, OH Resolves Issues with Cloudiness

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A Sediment Water Filter in Huber Heights, OH Resolves Issues with Cloudiness

Most municipal residents don’t deal with noticeable sediment in their water supply. Rural residents, however, may sometimes see a slight amount of cloudiness, technically known as turbidity. Government standards allow a very low level of turbidity in safe drinking water coming from a treatment plant, but the standard doesn’t apply to well water. A sediment water filter in Huber Heights, OH resolves the problem so the residents don’t have to resort to buying bottled water for drinking and cooking.


Tiny particles of sand, iron, and other contaminants in well water in extremely small amounts are generally harmless. People typically don’t notice any difference in texture when they drink this water, although lack of total clarity in the water may be troubling to them. They can have the water tested annually to make sure it’s free of pathogens or harmful substances, but that doesn’t mean the cloudiness will be addressed. A sediment water filter in Huber Heights, OH removes those particles and makes tap water more satisfactory to the eye and palate.

Effect on Appliances

Another negative aspect regarding sediment is the potential to harm coffeemakers and portable humidifiers. Ideally, everyone would only use distilled water in these appliances to prevent any amount of mineral scaling. Because this can get pricey, tap water is normally used.

Water Heater Issues

One issue a whole-house filter at the point of entry will not successfully manage is sediment in hot water lines only. That indicates the problem is in the water heater where sediment may be accumulating due to corrosion or other issues. The longevity of the heater may be extended by having it drained, the sediment removed, and the anode rod replaced.

The anode rod attracts corrosive materials and holds them, but it eventually deteriorates. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t have this feature replaced as frequently as it should be. They may not even be aware of its existence.


Issues with tap water sediment, whether from the source or from the water heater, can be tackled by a company such as A & L Plumbing. Please visit Aandlplumbingdayton.com to learn more about this particular organization. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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