Repairing Your Summer AC in Tempe

August, 2013 by Alma Abell

Just like cars need the services of a mechanic for preventative maintenance, so do central air conditioning systems. AC in Tempe is almost vital during the hot, summer months, especially when temperatures are above 100 degrees for long periods of time. If a system is neglected, then it is at risk for breaking down, most likely when it is needed the most. As such, it is wise for homeowners to have their equipment serviced each year by a qualified heating and air contractor.

AC in Tempe systems that don’t receive the proper care and service are not only at risk for premature failure due to excessive wear and tear. The efficiency of the equipment is affected as well. In fact, some estimates place the drop in efficiency rate at five percent every year. The energy-efficiency rating is effectively reduced, and this means more money going out the window to pay for cooling bills; money that could have been better spent in upkeep for the system. A properly maintained AC in Tempe should retain most of its original efficiency over the course of its operation.

Service for an AC in Tempe should include a physical check of all indoor and outdoor components. This includes the compressor, condenser coils, motors, belts, electrical wires, etc. A technician will also test the system’s coolant pressure and charge, while also searching for leaks in the system. Leaks will make the system much more inefficient to operate. Any leaks found must be repaired before the coolant can be recharged. This is due to the negative environmental effect that leaking coolant has on the atmosphere.

Homeowners can also perform simple steps that add up big time in helping to keep their AC running. Most of important of these is frequent filter replacement or cleaning. Much of an AC’s effectiveness comes from proper air flow, and dirty filters stops this from occurring correctly. It is also important to keep any vegetation or debris away from outdoor parts of the unit. A little forethought and diligence can add years to your AC equipment and keep you comfortable for years. Click here for more information about service.

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