Selecting The Best Transmission Repair in Columbus GA

August, 2013 by Alma Abell

Modern automobiles, whether foreign or domestic, are quite an investment and because of their high price they can become a huge commitment. This is why a proper maintenance program is so important for the longevity of your new vehicle. However, people will sometimes fail to follow through with this maintenance routine which can be dangerous to various mechanical aspects of their vehicle. Failure to maintain proper lubricants and keeping those lubricants changed at the appropriate intervals is critical to things like the engine and transmission. In fact, low fluid levels are the primary reason most vehicles ever need transmission repair in Columbus GA or anywhere, for that matter.

Auto repairs are one of the most expensive, non-medical emergencies most people face and Transmission Repair or replacement can be very high in that list, especially when you have those repairs made at an untrustworthy shop. To avoid this problem, take a little time to verify your mechanic. Some simple things to check include whether the business is a member of the Better Business Bureau and if they have any outstanding complaints. You should also check if they have any certifications for mechanical training in the repair of transmissions. There are actually several transmission certifications like the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), Automatic Transmission Service Group (ATSG) and Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA).

Transmissions come in two basic varieties although these two varieties are then divided between two wheel drive, four wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles. These two basic types are the standard shift and the automatic shift transmissions. The standard shift variety uses a clutch based mechanism to temporarily disengage the engine so the driver can shift it while the automatic shift uses a hydraulic method of shifting gears. This is of course a very simple description because there is a bit more involved in the automatic model and this is why it is so difficult for some mechanics to repair them. It takes the talent of Transmission Repair in Columbus GA to do the job properly.

Standard transmissions are generally easier for Transmission Repair in Columbus GA because the problem is often the clutch, but sometimes other things go wrong. For example, shifters break and gears wear out or linkages can become disconnected and all of these require the right mechanic to make the best repairs possible. For more information, visit Transmission Experts.

Transmission Repair in Columbus GA

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