Reasons Women Give Their Babies up for Adoption in Oklahoma

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

When seeking Adoption Oklahoma birth mothers are often feel that they are under a cloud of shame. Many people look at a mother who places her baby for adoption in a bad light, assuming that the woman just wasn’t ready to raise a child. Whether you hear it on a talk show or in the movies, the term “give up” has become common when discussing a birth mother who gave up her baby. The reality is that most birth mothers do not “give up” their baby; they are instead choosing life for that child, and giving it the life that it should have.

Choosing adoption over abortion, or a life of poverty, is a hard decision for the birth mother to make. They may be looked down on by society for choosing to give their child a life full of laughter, lullabies, and hugs. Whether it is because they are a single mom or a 15 year old girl who has her entire life to live, putting their baby up for adoption is the only recourse many of them have. They should be applauded for giving their child a chance to be loved by two loving parents, who are established and ready to take a child into their home.

The adoptions today are very, very different than they were in the last decade, and they are much different than they were in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Birth mothers today get to have a say about who gets their baby, and are able to choose the adoptive parents that they think are best suited to raise their baby.

If the birth mother chooses an open adoption it is possible for her to see her baby grow up, through cards, letters, videos, and photographs that the adoptive parents send her over the years. It is also possible for her to choose a closed adoption. When seeking Adoption Oklahoma birth mothers who give their babies up for adoption do so out of love, to give their babies the chance to have a rich and comfortable life with a loving family.

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