How To Put A Baby Up For Adoption in Oklahoma City

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How To Put A Baby Up For Adoption in Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma, pregnant women who want to place their child up for adoption have access to additional services. They can acquire help with their medical expenses. They can also retain rights throughout the adoption process. The following are details about how to put a baby up for adoption in Oklahoma City.

Complete the Application Process

The expectant mother must complete the application process and provide information for the adoptive parents. The adoption agency helps them with this process. They acquire information about the mother and her family medical history. This information is presented to the prospective parents to allow them to make a sound decision about the adoption.

Choose the Right Adoptive Parents

The expectant mother has the right to choose her child’s new parents. They may complete the entire interview and assessment process themselves. They ask questions and evaluate all applicants until they make a sound choice about who will raise their child. Once she selects the parents, the adoption agency will start processing the adoption contract and prepare the parents and the biological mother for the hearing.

Sign a Contract for Health Care During the Pregnancy

The adoption contract will include payment of all medical care for the expectant mother. The prospective parents must also pay for all postpartum care and all neonatal care required. They will take possession of the child after the birth. The biological mother can acquire a visit with the child before the new parents leave the hospital.

Identifying Any Provisions

The biological parent has the right to add certain provisions to the contract. If they want to obtain some visitation rights, they must add these provisions before the adoption papers are signed. This entitles them to visits with the child according to the schedule agreed upon.

In Oklahoma, pregnant women who are not ready to become mothers have the option to place their child up for adoption. Local adoption agencies provide them with guidance to ensure all laws are followed. Any mother who needs further details about how to put a baby up for adoption in Oklahoma City can contact us and schedule an appointment right now.

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