Reasons Hiring DWI Attorneys in Charles Town is Critical for Anyone Facing a Charge of DWI

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Frequently, when a person is arrested for Driving While Intoxicated, they may be unsure if hiring DWI Attorneys in Charles Town WV can be of benefit in their case or not. Often if a person fails a field sobriety test, they may feel their guilt has already been decided and there is little point in trying to dispute the case. However, this is not always the case and it is still of much importance for the accused person to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Since being charged with a DWI can have a very serious affect on a person’s life for many years following the charge, it is generally in their best interest to do all they can to either have the charges dropped or at least have them reduced. Hiring an experienced DWI Attorneys in Charles Town WV can be the best choice in accomplishing this.

Most DWI attorneys routinely handle these types of cases. This means they will have experience in all the laws regarding these types of cases and they will know the type of procedures and processes, which must be properly followed by law enforcement during the arrest of an accused person. This can include the protocols for administering field sobriety tests as well.

Many DWI Attorneys in Charles Town WV have completed the same types of training law enforcement officers go through to administer these types of tests in the field. Because of this, they will know where procedures were not properly followed when the test was given to their client. In addition, because of their experience in these types of cases, they will also know where most officers make errors and will be able to look for these as well.

Very often, in finding a simple error in the way the sobriety test was given or how the arrest was handled can cause the entire case to be dropped against the accused person. However, if the case still must go to court, DWI Attorneys in Charles Town may still be able to help the accused person in obtaining a reduced sentence for their crime. Often a judge will look more favorably on a defendant who has good representation in court. It shows they understand the serious nature of their crime and want to make amends. Because of this, a judge may be more lenient with some of the more severe penalties.

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