Raccoon Removal in Westerville OH: Why to Seek Professional Assistance

by | May 29, 2014 | Wildlife

Some of them may be furry and adorable, but if pests are entering your home, they are also a problem. Rodents and wild animals carry many diseases which can make you and your pets ill. Some diseases, like rabies and Hantavirus, can even be deadly. In addition to these diseases the list of damage to your home can be extensive. You may be considering trying to perform a Raccoon removal in Westerville OH on your own, but here are some reasons why pest removal is better when handled by a professional.


You may spend months coaxing that raccoon out of your attic only to discover it has moved on by itself. This may seem like good news, but in reality she probably used your attic to raise her babies and will be back the next breeding season. Professionals are able to quickly perform that Raccoon removal in Westerville OH as well as suggest changes you can make so your home will be less appealing to them.

Safety and Legal Issues

The animal hiding out under your porch does not see this as your property. They see it as their own and are going to defend it. You risk getting scratched or bitten if you attempt to live catch them yourself. Putting out poison or poisoned bait can be a bad idea if you have small children or house pets in your neighborhood who could come into contact with it.

Professionals know how to safely capture live animals and are aware of local laws regarding catch and release as well as what animals are protected and cannot be killed.

Effective Clean up

If you have had a pest in your home for any length of time, there will often be a mess left behind. Nesting material, urine and droppings and damage to wiring are just a few examples. These have to be taken care of properly. A professional pest removal service will clean the area and give you a list of additional damages they have found.

It is important to contact a professional as soon as possible to minimize contact and the potential for damage. Raccoon removal in Westerville OH and many other types of pest removal is handled by The Wildlife Control Company, Inc. They are experts at safely trapping and removing many species of animals. These include squirrel removal, foxes and coyotes and even Bat removal among many others.

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