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May, 2014 by Alma Abell

When you’re in the United States on a visitor visa, there are certain rules and regulations that you must follow. If you are unsure of the rules that apply to your visa or you are facing deportation for not following the rules, you will want to obtain Visitor Visa Legal Help from a lawyer such as one from the Ohyan Law Group. They can also help you if you want to extend your temporary visa if necessary.

Before there are any problems, a lawyer can explain the laws and regulations that apply to your visa. If you’re in the United States with an educational visa, for example, you may have to keep a certain GPA and take a certain number of classes each semester in order to keep your visa. If you’re in the United States with a temporary work visa and lose your job, you could also face deportation.

You will also have to follow all US laws while in the United States with a visa or you may face deportation. If you are arrested for any crime, you may be deported. This is especially the case for violent or drug related cases, and the arrest can also prevent you from reentering the United States at a later time. Your lawyer will be able to work with your defense lawyer to try to help you stay in the United States and clear your name.

When a temporary visa is about to expire, it’s important to refile in time if you want to stay in the United States. If this is not done in time, you may have to leave the United States and start the application process over again. A lawyer can help you file the necessary paperwork to have your visa extended so you can continue to work, finish school, or apply for a permanent application.

The rules and regulations of a visitor visa can be confusing, especially for someone who does not speak English. If you are in the United States and you have any questions about your visa or are afraid you will be deported because of a complication with your visa, you should seek Visitor Visa Legal Help from a lawyer. They can answer any questions, try to stop your deportation, and try to help you extend your visa if necessary.

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