Protecting Your Business with Workers Compensation in Portland, OR

October, 2013 by

Employers and employees have a business relationship that follows certain protocols and delegates specific responsibilities. They work together to fulfill a common goal and to be successful while doing it. Although each of them has different obligations to the business, their duties are similar, and yet different at the same time. They are essentially a collective unit with the same purpose in mind; however, business relationships can become complicated when an employee is either injured while at work, or develops a job related injury or illness. This can form a divide between the two, and put a strain on the business relationship. To avoid discord, employers must carry Workers Compensation in Portland, OR, so they can protect their interests and the interests of their employees if such an unfortunate event should occur.

When an employee files a workers’ compensation claim, he or she may be entitled to recover costs for medical bills, lost wages, damages, disability payments, or costs for other bills associated with his or her job related accident or illness. To ensure employers are fully covered in these cases, Kendra Beebe, an experienced insurance broker with Work Comp For Less Insurance, assists companies with choosing a workers’ compensation insurance plan that will protect them in any workers’ compensation case and make certain they are in compliance with the laws of their state. Workers Compensation in Portland, OR is designed to guard companies against unnecessary costly lawsuits, and to allow employees to receive their compensation benefits in a timely manner as well.

Work Comp For Less Insurance provides their services to their clients on an individual basis. They assess the size of their clients businesses, and determine the type of coverage that will be most suitable for them at the lowest rates possible. Insurance brokers do the research for their clients, and guide them through the often toilsome process to deliver them the best decision for their insurance coverage needs, and they offer their clients free quotes online, over the telephone, or by fax.

A company cannot afford to risk everything they have worked hard to build by simply not obtaining the right amount of insurance. When a business needs a licensed insurance broker to find the best workers’ compensation insurance plan, Work Comp For Less Insurance is the most reputable choice that will save them on their insurance costs and will secure their ability to do business in the future.

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