Need Additional Space? Rent a Storage Container in NYC

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

Homeowners or business owners who are looking for a secure way to add to their storage capacity should consider renting a Storage Container in NYC. These were originally used by the maritime industry to ship goods. They are constructed from steel and are very strong. It is impossible for vandals to destroy them. They also stand up well under high-wind conditions. They can be easily delivered and deposited on a property. The only requirement is that they be placed on a flat surface. If the surface isn’t flat, it might be difficult to open or close the door. It is not necessary to place them on a paved or concrete pad.

This is the perfect place for a contractor or engineer to store tools and equipment. Many of them are fitted with ventilators to help keep moisture levels down. However, it’s also a good idea to open the container door on a regular basis to let the unit breathe. People who use a Storage Container in NYC should also keep the door in good working order. Usually these means greasing the hinges and locking rods. Other than greasing the door parts, there’s no other maintenance that needs to be performed.

Because storage containers are mobile units, the homeowner doesn’t need to obtain a permit from any local board and department. There’s no need to have a building inspector come out and inspect the property. That means there’s also no fee to pay. Constructing a shed or adding on to a structure would incur fees and necessitate inspections.

Business owners can notify Mods of NY or any other storage container company that they would like to rent a container with the possibility of purchasing it at a later date. Renters can even visit the company site and pick out which storage container they would like to use. Before their container is delivered they will have to pay the first month’s rent, the delivery charge and pick-up charge. Most companies accept cash, checks, or credit cards. After that they just pay the rental fee each month. They are not locked into a long-term lease. When they are finished using the storage container, they can just contact the company and they will remove it.

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