Protecting Your Business with Burglar Alarms in Des Moines IA

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

Most big businesses have at least one area of their building that is restricted to only certain personnel. It is common in government, state, medical, and other facilities where confidential information or hazardous chemicals or organic materials are stored or studied. Burglar Alarms in Des Moines, IA offer something called Access Control that allows you to monitor and control visitor and personnel traffic in secured areas.

Accutech Electronics is one of the top systems used in business for Access Control solutions. Their solutions are used in educational, health care, commercial, and manufacturing venues. This system allows you to control up to 32 access points in a structure. Larger facilities may require more than one system which allows you to further control various areas in your business with different levels of security. Key pads, key cards, and other technology is used to prevent access to areas where certain people should not be allowed for their own safety.

Sielox is another company that has several solutions for Access Control. They have the software, controllers, readers, cards, and wireless technology to protect your staff and your visitors from secure areas. This kind of technology gives you total control over your visitor management, event management, photo badge ID systems, CCTV, NVR, and DVE integration, and reporting so you always know what is happening.

Open Options is a company that deals in mobile apps that allow you to control your Access Control systems no matter where you are in the building or away from the building. It offers secure login, access to time schedules and cameras, alerts you to store door compromise, report generation, fast alarm response, camera views, and other aspects of your security system. You will always feel in charge of your business’ security when you have this kind of technology at hand.

Burglar Alarms in Des Moines, IA for business have come a long way since simple alarm systems. Access Control Systems take things a step further and let you control who goes where in your building or facility. You can feel comfortable taking time off when you have so much security and safety technology literally at your fingertips. A Tech is a business that can help you determine which system is best suited to your business needs.