Oklahoma City Foundation Repair – Signs Your Foundation is Failing

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

The foundation of your home is its base making it a crucial part of its structural integrity. Problems with your foundation adversely affect your structure, decrease the value of your property, and result in expensive repairs. It is important to have your foundation inspected regularly to ensure it is in good condition. Oklahoma City foundation repair services can inspect your foundation and make repairs if needed. Here are some early warning signs of problems with your foundation.

Interior Signs

Believe it or not you can find signs of foundation issues inside your home. Look for structural problems like cracks in your drywall or floorboards which can mean your foundation is damaged. If you have trouble with opening and closing doors and/or windows it may be a cause for concern. These interior signs could mean you are having issues with your foundation and it is time to have an inspection.

Exterior Signs

Check for cracks in the bricks, siding, or blocks of your home. Gaps around the windows and/or doors are also indicative of foundation damage or failure. These exterior signs are evidence of possible compromise of your home’s foundation.

Basement Signs

If your home has a basement it is the area closest to your foundation. Most of the time this is the first area of your home to show signs that your foundation has been compromised. Flooding int he basement, moisture in the walls, or cracks in the walls are all signs of foundation issues in the basement. Professional Oklahoma City foundation repair services can help diagnose foundation problems.

Garage Signs

If your garage is attached to your house, look for cracked bricks, warped areas of the garage walls, or separation between your garage door and the ground. These are the things around your garage that signify possible problems with your foundation.

You can do a quick inspection to look for these problems in and around your home before you hire a professional service to inspect it for you. If you find you may need to find a company to repair house foundation in Oklahoma City, look for a company with experience and longevity. The American Leveling Company is a family owned and operated foundation repair and leveling business that was established in 1936. They bring their years of experience and advanced technology to whatever foundation problem you have.

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