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by | Sep 4, 2017 | Business

In pharmaceutical industry, material handling has become one of the crucial parts of production process. Stringent regulations and inspections by FDA & other regulatory bodies have made material handling aspect important for the Indian pharmaceutical tablet manufacturer. Regulatory bodies are getting stringent on segregation, dusting, contamination, OEL levels etc. which have made pharmaceutical companies shift to closed systems which prevent such issues. In addition to this companies are looking for automated systems to reduce manpower & handling. Customers have started to look material handling system as a core part of the process instead of supporting equipment.

This has made companies to shift from handling products in manual drums to IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) to transfer product from one process to another in powder as well as tablet making process right from Granulation to Coating. Matcon has been one of the leading suppliers of IBCs all over the world with its unique cone valve technology offering dust free product transfer and minimizes chances of segregation, ratholing, bridging. It also offers plastic bins for tableting which are light weight and easy to handle and store. Matcon IBCs are known for their large size bins for powder transfer of upto 3000L which reduces number of equipments and tracking of bins become easier with barcode & RFID identification.

Matcon’s IBCs can also be directly loaded onto the blender without any material transfer and after blending can be loaded on to the compression machine directly. These IBCs can be loaded on its discharge station for complete transfer of product without any dusting & spillage. The filling and discharging of IBC is closed and airtight and transfer of material only happens after connection is secured pneumatically through where gradual transfer of material prevents segregation as compared to traditional butterfly valve. Sticky materials can also be stimulated to flow through integral cone vibration where other systems fail.

Due to features Matcon IBCs are the most preferred solution in pharmaceutical industry making it the most reliable material transfer technology. To know more about Matcon’s IBCs, visit Alternatively you can call on 18002679955 or email on

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