It’s Not Easy To Get The Lighting Just Right

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Electrical

It is not as easy as it sounds to choose the right lighting for your home, it is important that you understand the effect a light will have on a room and in many cases this is something that doesn’t come to the fore until the light has been installed. The best lighting companies in Chicago know this and as such they are in a position to offer a few suggestions on picking the right lighting for the various rooms and areas in your home.

Consider the activities:

Before you start looking for lighting solutions, take time to consider what will be happening in the room. If it is the bedroom you will want soft general lighting and possibly a reading spot. In a bathroom, flattering lighting around the mirror is important. If you are choosing lighting for the kitchen you will need specific task lighting as well as good general lighting. When considering lighting for the living room or den you will probably want to use lighting that gives a warm, cozy feeling to the areas.

A lot of what you will use when making your choice will depend on the room size and layout. The best lighting companies in Chicago will steer you away from recessed lighting in a room with a low ceiling, this type of lighting has the tendency to make the ceiling look dark. Up-lighting will make a room with a low ceiling look higher. Try to compliment the lighting with light colored walls and ceiling.

The lamps:

Give thought to the type of lighting you want, most modern fittings are designed for low energy bulbs. With LED lamps you can opt for warm or harsh lighting as well as a number of attractive colors. Most homeowners will opt for warm light except for in the kitchen because “cold” light is closer to natural daylight.

The best lighting companies in Chicago can help you choose the right light for any specific situation. To discuss your lighting needs in detail you are invited to visit Fox Lighting Galleries.

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