Make Sure Your AC is Going to Serve You Well During the Summer by Contacting AC Repair in Houston, TX

by | May 28, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

furnace repair in Maple GroveAir Conditioning repair is often avoidable by having an annual checkup of your unit. This checkup involves every functional and moving part. This service will make your AC unit operate better, save you money on cooling costs and last longer. A thorough check is made of at least 21 different parts by AC repair in Houston, TX. The check includes the following items and procedures:

The air conditioner has more functional parts than any other appliance in the house. They need to be inspected with the following procedures:

1. The first step is to lubricate all moving parts, because this is an essential practice to keep the bearings and rollers moving well, along with other moving part
2. The thermostat should be checked for proper functioning and the right settings to keep the home comfortable when you are there and save energy when you are gone.
3. Tighten all electrical connections and measure the current and voltage on motors. It is easy for electrical connections to become faulty and cost a lot of money to repair the damage.
4. Inspect the condensate drain because a plugged drain can result in a lot of water damage and the growth of black mold. This is one of the worse conditions a home can experience
5. Check the starting cycle to make sure the system starts, operates as it should, and stops when it should.
6. One of the most important maintenance functions is checking the evaporator and condenser A/C coils because dirty coils reduce the cooling capacity of your home by 18 percent. This obviously increases energy costs and greatly reduces the life of the equipment.
7. Check the refrigerant level to see if it is low which may indicate a leak.
8. Clean and adjust the blower parts to ensure the proper system airflow. Poor airflow problems can reduce your A/C efficiency by 15 percent.

The blower motor housing outside of the home can become filled with debris. This debris should be cleaned out by lifting the motor out. This offers the opportunity to inspect the motor and the fan. The pre-season maintenance and inspection plan by AC repair in Houston, TX can save you money in energy costs and potential repair costs. The most important benefit is the increased cooling capability provided by a more efficient system. You can depend on the thermostat to control the cooling cycles. You will always benefit from maintaining this multi-part appliance. Visit website for more information.

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