Three Types Of Quality Plastic Molding

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

When it comes to plastic molding, there are a variety of ways to accomplish the process. A plastic molding company may apply only one type. It could also rely on more than one style to provide the products it is focused on manufacturing. The specific type of plastic molding a company prefers depends upon multiple variables. These can include product, cost and equipment.

Types of Plastic Molding

There are three basic types of plastic molding. They are extrusion, injection and blow. Each technique is slightly different from the other, although blow molding can be used following the injection or extrusion method of molding.


The molding process starts with the use of raw plastic fed by a hopper into a revolving chamber or extruder. The raw plastic may be in powder, bead or pellet form. The purpose of the extruder is to melt the plastic and turn it. After this is completed, the melted plastic is then extruded into a die. The die, which is not a mold, is the shape of the intended product.
The newly shaped plastic is placed on a conveyor belt. It is then cooled off with water before being cut. The plastic is also finished. The products most suited to this process consist of such items as pipes, tubings, film and sheet. As a result, the final product can be rolled instead of cut before being shipped by the plastic molding company.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is similar to extrusion. The initial procedure relies on raw plastic being fed into a hopper than into a melting chamber. Where the process differs is after it is melted. Instead of being extruded through a die, the plastic is placed into a cold mold. In the mold, the plastic solidifies as well as cools. Following this, the product undergoes cleaning and finishing before being packed and shipped by the plastic molding company to its destination.
Injection molding is ideal for high-volume manufacturing of parts. The large or small presses can produce parts as disparate in size as surgical equipment and auto parts. Other products include bottle caps and lawn furniture.

Blow Molding

Blow molding is applicable in both extrusion and injection molding. In blow molding, the melted raw plastic is forced into a die resulting in a chilled mold surrounding a heated plastic tube. By blowing compressed air through this plastic tube, the manufacturer forces the plastic to conform to the specific shape that is inside the tube. The shape is then removed.

This process allows a manufacturer to produce a specific product – one-piece hollow items, in high volume. The result is uniformity among them. It is specifically apt for bottle production.

When it comes to producing plastic products, a plastic molding company can elect to utilize one of several types. There are several different kinds from which to choose. Each has their particular advantage to a manufacturer. Among the most common are extraction, injection and blow molding.

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