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September, 2013 by Alma Abell

There are many Bars in La Crosse, WI, but if you are looking for a traditional Irish experience, look no further than Dublin Square Irish Pub. Here, good Irish food and music go hand in hand. Whether you are Irish or not, the atmosphere in the pub is lively, welcoming and entertaining.

The traditionally Irish menu is filled with names like Molly Malone’s Mussels, Bangers and Champs, Ol’ Shephard’s Pie, Reuben’s and Rachel’s. From appetizers, full meals and desserts the food is hearty, familiar and comforting. Traditional Irish food is usually washed down with a good ale.

Guinness, the beer known around the world and brewed in Ireland has a special place in Irish hearts. You can read about the history and traditions surrounding it on the menu. Guinness is as much a part of the Irish culture as potatoes and corned beef. There are nearly a dozen specialty drinks with Guinness to choose from or you can order a simple pint of the creamy ale. Dublin Square Irish Pub has an extensive list of brews available including draft, domestic, alternatives, Irish and micro or craft beers from America to the Netherlands.

If you are looking for a fun evening out, you can find Whiskey Tasting Events, Kilt Contests, bagpipes, music and more. There are three different rooms to spend your time in. You can sit in the Dublin Street Bar for a lively evening with fun bartenders and the clinking of pints, while watching sporting events on 50″ screens. The Throne Room is a traditional “Public Room” that is quieter than the Dublin Street Bar, perfect for intimate conversations, good food, drink and a chance to relax with friends. At night, bands play live music in this room. The St. Patrick’s room is where patrons can play a game of darts or video games and order drinks at the Jameson Back Bar. In the spring and summer months there is an outdoor patio with speakers so you can hear the music and TV’s to watch the sporting events.

Whether you are looking for dinner or an evening out, head to Dublin Square Irish Pub. The atmosphere, food and drink are welcoming and lively. The Irish music will inspire even the most reserved fellow to sing along.

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